Memorial Plaques & Markers

You can honor a loved one or an important person with a Memorial Plaque & Marker. You may want to place the Memorial Plaques & Markers at a park or other public place to honor that person's memory. Maybe one of the honorees dedicatedly took care of the park lawn. Another person may have donated equipment for the children to play on at the park. Memorial Plaques & Markers are simply perfect for this.

Memorial Plaques & Markers are perfect not only for beloved people but also for beloved pets. You may choose from a marker that sticks into the ground with stakes or you may choose a plaque that will hang on the wall. Hang the plaque onto your shed or on a tree where your pet used to always lay and enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

There are stones you may choose from with quotes or small sayings on them. You may simply use that as a marker to remember your pet or you may have the stone personalized.