Outdoor Fire Pits

Get outdoors and sit by the fire. After working all week and your children going to school it is now time to relax. You and your family can spend more time together when you sit outdoors by one of the outdoor fire pits. Share things that are important to you. Share things that you wish you could change. Bring out your children’s imaginations. Watch the stars and find the Big Dipper. See who can spot the North Star first.

You can select from different styles of Outdoor Fire Pits. First decide if you want a wood burning fire pit, a gas fire pit, a gel fuel fire pit or a Chiminea. Fire pits are made out of copper, marble, steel, mosaic tile, brick, black granite, bronze and other strong materials.

There are fire pit accessories you can buy for your fire pit if you need them or to keep it around for many years. Covers, pads to protect them from sparks and fire, wood, racks to keep your wood neat and organized, ash vacuums and a gas conversion kit for your Chiminea if needed.

Get outdoors alone or with family. Enjoy gazing at the fire inside of your fire pit while relaxing, reading a book or enjoying each other’s company.