As a kid you remember how much fun playing in the sandbox was. Now you are a parent and you can give your kids the same fun with a sandbox, too.

The "Frame It All" Composite Sandboxes we provide are made of recycled materials and non-toxic.  The timbers will NOT rot, warp, splinter, or fade! Easy to install and can be placed on ANY surface. Multiple shapes of sandboxes are available. You may give your children a square, hexagon, or circular sandbox. You can choose an optional sandbox cover to keep the cats out or other animals. Your sand will stay nice and clean.

The Composite Sandbox Kits provides the building blocks of childhood imagination and discovery. Simple to construct (no special tools required), and easy to maintain.

When your child outgrows the sandbox, sustain your memories by re-purposing the sandbox as a raised garden bed, landscape edging, or tree ring.