Garden Weathervanes

Weathervanes have been around for years and years. In Athens, a roof adorned the form of a bronze Triton holding a rod in his outstretched hand. The rod would rotate as the wind changed direction. Underneath the rod were eight wind deities.

The weathervane works by having weight that is evenly distributed on each side of the surface, but the surface area is not divided equally. Due to the design, the pointer is able to move freely on its axis. The wind will blow the larger surface so that the smaller side with its pointer will blow to the face of the wind direction.

Get your weathervane and place it at the top of your home or vacation home. You may also choose to put a weathervane in your garden.

We have many weathervanes to choose from and a lot of the smaller, garden weathervanes made by EZ Vane are of very good workmanship and quite affordable. You may select from a variety of birds, dogs, cats, deer, a pig, a male or female golfer, fish, lighthouse, sailboat, hunter, bear, vehicles, tractor, motorcycles, airplanes and more! We have also recently added College Weathervanes to the mix so you can show off your school pride! Choose the weathervane that fits your personal style but also keep in mind that Weathervanes make great gifts too!