Garden Stones

Since 1998, we have been proud to be one of Kay Berry's largest distributors of Garden Accent Stones. Add some of your favorite quotes to your garden with one or more of our Garden Stones. Choose quotes such as “Imagine”, “Welcome to my Garden”, a simple “Welcome” with lovely designs carved within the stone, “God Bless America” and many more.

Other Garden Stones include those with small poems on them as well as a picture. With the beauty of your garden and the poetry on the stone, you will have a serene place you can go to relax when you need to.

There are stones that share sayings and pictures of animals, The United States Marine Corps to honor a family member that has served for our country, the Ten Commandments are listed on a stone in the form of a tablet as well as many more to select from.

You may even select one of the offered stone benches with a saying on it to place within your garden. Make your garden much more personalized when you choose one of the garden benches and/or Garden Stones to place within your beautiful garden.