Memorial Statues

Place one of these Memorial Statues or Memorial Stones at the grave of one of your beloved family members. You thought of the person as an angel in life and now you want to let everyone who visits the cemetery know what a wonderful person this was. Maybe it was your mother or your father? Maybe it was a special friend who made a big impact in your life?

Memorial Statues can be used for people or animals. Honor the life that gave you so much when he/she was alive. Place a statue where your cat or dog is buried. Place a statue where your pet liked to sit or lie down and enjoy the scenery.

You may decide to give one of the Memorial Statues to a friend or family member that needs comfort due to the recent loss of a loved one. At the funeral you could give the Memorial Statue in lieu of flowers. Flowers only last a short while but a statue or stone will last for years to come.