Wooden Accents

Wooden Accents will beautifully decorate your lawn. Place one of the Wishing Wells by your home in between your shrubs. You can also add the Wishing Well in your flower garden for extra added beauty.

A Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter is a lovely addition to your yard. This product will draw passerbys eyes right to it especially when you plant your favorite flowers in the planter area of it.

Are you Dutch? Are you simply fascinated by windmills? Place a Dutch Windmill in your yard. Watch as the wind gently turns the blades.

Place a gorgeous wooden bridge in your yard as one of the Wooden Accents. The bridge will add a country wilderness feel to your yard. If the bridge is too big for your yard you may decide on a small or large Wheel Planter.

You also have the choice of a Wooden Water Trough Planter, Wooden Water Pump Planter or a Garden Cart Planter. Whichever one or more of the Wooden Accents you choose for your yard you will be very satisfied.