Mirage Stone Outdoor Woodburning Fireplace (Tan)

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The backyard oasis of your dreams is just minutes away. Mirage stone outdoor fireplaces provide a lifetime of enjoyment, meeting and exceeding standards of safety and durability. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a campfire without the smoke and hazards of an open flame with a Mirage Stone outdoor fireplace. With no deteriorating mortar, glues or fasteners, Mirage Stone's interlocking construction creates a lasting addition to your outdoor living. Mirage Stone utilizes new technology in materials sciences, such as expanded shale and luminite, to create strong, durable, heat dissipating stone. This eliminates the problems associated with concrete and cement type mixes when exposed to extreme temperatures. You can easily customize your new fireplace to meet your outdoor living needs. Fast assembly. Enjoy your Mirage Stone Fireplace within an hour of bringing it home!

  • Woodburning or BBQ Charcoal
  • BBQ unit includes grill with adjustable height
  • Powder coated steel door system
  • Optional handles Pine Tree, Cactus, Quail or Horses
  • Dimensions 71"H

    Mirage Stone fireplaces comply with all national incinerator codes. Each fireplace has permanently attached spark arrestors, which stop dangerous embers from escaping. All Mirage Stone outdoor fireplaces meet recreational burning standards eliminating the need for burn permits.