Barnegat E-Line Stucco Lighthouse (4')

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The Economy Version of the Barnegat Lawn Lighthouse... The distinctive Barnegat Lighthouse, located at the north end of Long Beach Island in New Jersey, guards the inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Each one of our yard lighthouse ornaments is meticulously handcrafted from synthetic stucco and masonry over a solid foam core making it virtually impervious to the elements. Every yard & garden lighthouse is completely hand-painted. We specialize in replicating the actual lighthouse. Our E-Line lighthouses feature plastic windows and door that you install. Each lighthouse comes with a standard light. Stucco Lighthouses WILL Last 8 times longer then ANY wooden lighthouse on the market!!! Each lighthouse illuminates a soft continuous light or you can upgrade to a rotating beacon or to a solar-powered beacon. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Please note: Lighthouses are made-to-order and cannot be returned.

  • Economical line of stucco lighthouses
  • Stucco will last 8 times longer than wooden lighthouses
  • Stucco lighthouses are virtually maintenance free


    WOODEN BOAT DOCK OR DECK: Screw through the wooden base of the lighthouse with galvanized screws or lag bolts into any solid wooden foundation.

    GARDEN OR YARD: Pre-drill two 3/8" pilot holes into the wooden base of the lighthouse. Dig a hole 4" deep and approximately 6-8" wider than the base diameter of your lighthouse. Mix 2 bags of Sak-Crete concrete with water (per the directions on the bag). Allow at least 24 hrs for the concrete to harden. Center the lighthouse on the concrete pad and place two pencil marks through the pilot holes of the wooden base. Remove the lighthouse and use a ᄑ" masonry bit and drill two holes approximately 3" in depth. Embed the 3/8" anchor nuts in the concrete and attach the lighthouse using 3" galvanized lag bolts and washers.