Going Green

Go green when you purchase outdoor solar lights. You can choose solar lights to hang up on the outside of your home, for the landscape of your yard or even a solar light for your shed in the backyard. Choose from lovely lamp posts, spotlights, solar wedges as well as a solar security lamp.

Get going green when you use a push lawnmower versus a gas powered lawnmower. In the long run you will save a fortune of money on gas and lawnmower parts. Of course, you are helping the environment as well.

Start to make a composite pile. Throw all of your peels from fruit and vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc., that you do not eat into the compostor. The compostor will blend very well into your yard.

Use rain barrels to catch the rain and water your garden as well as all of your plants with it. Save water by doing this easy task.

Do your part by going green and living smart. Pass this way of thinking and doing onto your children. Everyone can do their part.

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